Friday, January 14, 2011

Yes, you can make alot with 1/2 of a Scrappin' Kit

The name for this class is "Let's get organized for the Year". I designed this class with the thought of how useful I would find it and would I use it. The pringle can is a bank with a chalkboard label for you to write down what and why and how much you saved for whatever you want. The photo organizer is great for a crop and has 3 dividers in it. The clear mount case has chalkboard inside and and eraser attached with velcro. This could be used to plan your meals for the week, keep track of what you need to do for the week, or even keep track of what you eat and drink, or even your exersice plans. I especially like the goals folder since it's not unreasonable and has a place for "What I am proud of accomplishing" and even more importantly what cards I have to make and send. Even I will make the card and never send it!

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  1. Lori - it was so nice to meet you at Leadership! Jeanna hooked me up with your blog - thanks for showing your amazing talent!
    Kelly Acheson