Saturday, February 26, 2011

Connie and Mary challenge Sewing

I decided for this challenge to go with fabric coasters. I used muslin and scraps of quilting batting in a standard 4 x 4 square size. I used a glue stick to hold the butterfly down before I used a Zig Zag stitch to adhere the butterfly down. I not much into applique mostly since I'm not that good at it but the zig zag stitch hides a lot and lets you fudge more than hand stitching. I then added the batting and the back layer of muslin and used a straight stitch to complete my project I trimmed the edges as needed. These would make a great house warming gift and take very little time just tie a ribbon around them for that finished look.


  1. I love your fabric coasters, Lori! Thanks for sharing them even though we didn't have an official challenge for our subscribers... Thanks for supporting us on Create with Connie and Mary!

  2. You are right, these would make great house warming gifts! Thanks for sewing something for us to look at this week! And you are welcome for the sewing machine cover tutorial! :)